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richard smith linda smith Richard and Linda Smith, business partners at Richard Smith Design.

As a graphic design and digital marketing company, Richard Smith Design has a key motto, “We Bring Great Ideas to Life!” It exists for a good reason, too. Led by the husband and wife team of Richard and Linda Smith, their passion in life and business centers around three main principles. One, design and create. Two, teach and write. Three, travel and lecture. Over the past twenty years, these tenets have given them and their business the wonderful perspective of reaching out and communicating with people locally and globally on the path of life.

Together, in a world of rapidly changing lifestyles and technology, they have experienced the unique opportunity of working with a diverse spectrum of companies, clients, projects and venues. Whether it be an individual site design that you are really excited about or a product or event with much bigger aspirations, Richard and Linda look forward to using their experience to collaborate with you on your next venture.

Utilizing his skills in art and design, Richard Smith created his own graphic design business, initially under the name Smith and Smyth Creations. As the business evolved and grew, it experienced a transitional period and was later renamed Richard Smith Design with a special focus on web design.

Now, with his business partner, wife and love of his life, Linda Smith, this dynamic duo has taken the business to the next level by combining their web design services with digital media marketing and Twitter event promotions, as well as the entire creative, strategic and logistical life cycle of events and projects. You can see this awesome collaboration in action with the success of their newest annual event, Human Origins Conference 2020, as well as the targeted article-based promotions for Truly Alive Magazine’s on social media presence with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Their client history includes international business and spiritual life coach Maria D’Andrea, television host and psychic medium Janet Russell, the prestigious Art League of Long Island, the Angels on the Fairway charity fundraising benefit, the Albuquerque Journal and the New York Post, to name a few. Contact Richard Smith Design at 505-908-9148 or email us at info@richardsmith.co. We look forward to hearing from you.

richard smith design
Our specialties include…

• Web Design & Print Design
• Graphic Design Services
• Marketing Collateral
• Project/Account Management
• Newspaper Design / Editorial Art

• Digital Marketing Promotion
• Twitter Events Promotions
• Product Promotion
• Branding & Logo Design
• Professional Press Releases

• Writing & Book Publishing
• Public Speaking & Lecturing
• Universtity Seminars
• Webinar Presentation
• Media Podcasting

Professional recommendations.

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New York Post

Dom Marrano

New York Post

Ed McEvoy

Art League of Long Island

Eddie Middleton

Night Search Radio

Peter Moon

Sky Books Publishing

Dawn Romvari

Cablevision Systems Corp

Tim Sullivan

New York Post

Ken Walz

Albuquerque Journal

Dennis Wickman

New York Post



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